Bulgarian machine Dobrich

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Van Bodies
Reconstruction of Trailers, Semi- trailers and Van bodies
Repair and recycling of second hand trailers, semi-trailers and van bodies
Own production spare components and assemblies equipment and repair
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About us

‘Bulgarian Machine Building Dobrich – BMD’ JSC is the leading Bulgarian producer of trailers, body vans and transport equipment for light, medium and heavy class vehicles.
The company is certified under ISO 9001: 2008 and maintains a system of quality management since 2005 with a range of certification: ‘Design, manufacture,service and repair of trailers, semi trailers, vehicle truck bodies, mobile space systems and metal construction for them’.
The company laid its foundation in 1970.
The factory is located in northeastern Bulgaria – Dobrich.

Basic products of the company are

  • Insulated and refrigerated trailers and box bodies for transporting meat, meat products and fish, milk and dairy products, bread and bakery products, flowers and more.
  • Atmosphere insulated box van trailers and body vans for transporting palletized goods, clothing and furniture.
  • Catering box trailers
  • Trailers for offices, housing and sanitary facilities, warehouses and workshops
  • Tarpaulin trailers and bodies
  • Dumpers
  • Specialized trailers and bodies for the transport of construction equipment

Reconstruction, repair and recycling trailers, semi- trailers and van bodies

  • Construction of a side door frame vans
  • Developing vans walls
  • Replacement of side panels of the van with curtains
  • Installation of a moving roof on the van
  • Construction of a rear door panel of platform bodies, trailers and semi-trailers
  • Installation of side sliding curtains, sliding and breaking sidewall structures, installation of moving roofs on standard tarpaulin bodies
  • Repair and reconstruction of agricultural vehicles
  • Repair of electrical systems of trailers, box trailers etc.
  • Repair of braking systems of trailers, box trailers etc.
  • Repair of hydraulic systems of trailers, box trailers etc.
  • Repair of hydraulic systems of dumpers

Spares own production

  • Spare tire carrier, side grids and consoles for fenders
  • Steel stairs for vehicles
  • Frames for buffer hitches
  • Toolboxes and storage boxes
  • Aluminum interior lining for protecting the van body side walls from interior load damage, stands for the vans to transport clothes
  • Profiles protecting the cargo for vans transporting furniture

Additional equipment

  • Hydraulic platforms
  • Tarpaulins and advertising signs
  • Spoilers
  • Towing hitches
  • Toolboxes and storage boxes
  • Insulations

Installation of new body vans made by ‘Bulgarian Machine building Dobrich – BMD’ JSC on old vehicles.
Development and production of trailers and van bodies with a specific purpose.

In its production, the company successfully collaborates with leading European manufacturers of running units, brake systems, hydraulic systems and equipment for production of box bodies.
Our traditional clients are the importers of automobiles in Bulgaria. Many of them have reached agreements on the use of chassis leasing schemes, equipped with van bodies produced by ‘ Bulgarian machine building Dobrich – BMD’ JSC


  • offers products with European quality that meet the requirements for security, easy operation and affordable price.
  • implements new technologies and technical solutions to improve the quality of its products